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Episcia is a relative of the African Violet and member of the Gesneriad family.
Their blooms are an intensely bright hue, in red, neon-orange, pink, yellow or lavender.
The foliage however, is their main attraction. Variegated and veined with shades of mint green, lush green, metallic green, purplish brown, silver, copper and maroon. The foliage has a unique pattern & texture making it an instant conversation piece.
These qualities make Episcia a favored houseplant with enjoyable blooms and foliage

General Care Instructions

Similar in most ways to care for African Violets.

Episcia thrive in medium to bright indirect light, or artificial lights.

There is some variation depending on their coloring. The varieties with dark colored foliage can tolerate bright light, in fact they bloom better.

Silver leaf and light green leaf varieties are more sensitive and only require moderate light.

Moist but not soggy. Be aware that they "drink" water a lot faster than African Violets.

The best flowering is with normal to high humidity. 40% is low, 50% to 75% is great. The can live as terrarium plants.

Average room-temperature (in the 70's) or slightly warmer is fine for Episcia.

They produce numerous vine-like runners called stolons. They are a graceful accent to the plant but letting them get out of hand can reduce flowering.

Many people like to have a pruned episcia for showing off the flowers and a trailing one which highlights the exotic foliage.

A light and spongy growth medium with good drainage is required. Use a mix containing mostly Peat moss, Vermiculite and Perlite. Shallow pots are ok for Episcia, the roots do not grow far downward.


Bright Red flowers. Silver-green leaves with dark borders.

Silver Skies episcia

Large, deep pink flowers. Dark bronze with light green pine tree pattern in the center of each leaf. Easy bloomer. (Luther)

Pink Panther episcia

Red flowers. Silvery brown foliage with metallic rose-pink netting. Compact.

Chocolate Cream episcia

Light lavender flowers blending to white with a touch of yellow in the centers. Green-brown leaves with light green center vein, accented with silver flecks.

Blue Waters episcia
E. cupreata, METALLICA

Red flowers. Emerald green leaves with darker green overlay and silvery veins.
cupreata Metallica episcia

Red-orange flowers. Silver accents upon light green leaves.

Spearmint episcia

(R. Teich) Pink blooms. Variegated bright pink with centers of green and creamy white. Sport of 'Pink Panther'

Pink Dreams episcia
variety descriptions are from streptocarpus-info.com




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